Dwelling Fire Insurance Policy

Dwelling Fire Insurance in Arizona

Insurance policies specifically for landlords and rental property owners

If you own a rental property homeowner’s insurance alone may not protect you from the unique situations that landlords face. A Dwelling Fire insurance policy will help protect you in a number of events.

What does a Dwelling Fire insurance Policy include?

First, and foremost, the Dwelling Fire Insurance policy protects the actual dwelling. Let our agent know if you need coverage for the landlords personal property including washer/dryer, lawn mower, tools, etc.

Additional Coverage Options

There are additional coverage options that may be added.

Liability including Legal Defense:

Landlords or rental property owners may also face legal ramifications for events that take place on the property they own. Having additional coverage for Legal Defense may help pay for legal fees from lawsuits like:

  • Libel or slander
  • Accidental Damage
  • Wrongful eviction

Fair Rental Value:

If your dwelling is deemed uninhabitable or a total loss, you may not only need repair or rebuild your property, you may lose rental income. Having Fair Rental Value coverage means that you may get reimbursed for your lost income during a covered event.

Extended Dwelling Coverage:

If your rental property or condo is a complete loss, a standard Landlord Protection insurance policy may not cover the entire cost to rebuild or repair the property. Extended Dwelling coverage may pay out an additional 25 to 50 percent of the standard coverage amount, depending on the policy. Ask your agent for further details and how much coverage your policy has.